Yes! If you’d like an estimate, please provide your phone number, email address, and physical address where you are looking to have the screens installed and we’ll contact you directly to get it set up! We bring along screen samples so you can feel their strength. If you like the product and price, let us know and we’ll arrange for a deposit and get everything else in order for you.

There is a form for free estimates here on our web site.

To get a free estimate, please provide your phone, email, street address and comments.

We start by arranging your measurements, reviewing plans & providing estimates. We design and manufacture your screens to meet exact dimensions and specs. We come back and install them for you or ship them if you have your own installer.

We manufacture screens for all building types. They are hurricane & burglar proof while reducing solar radiation and heat so you will save on your electric bill.

We are a full service Hurricane Screens Company and the original Category 5 Design is our patent. We manufacture the screens and make them customized to your needs as far as size, color and style goes. We also have installers who will mount them to your building.

Every building type can have our screens mounted to them. Single-family, multi-family and commercial building owners have taken advantage of our screens. They are protecting windows, doors, slider door openings, patios, balconies, lanais, Florida rooms and skylights. We are even working with engineers to mount them on pool cages which always requires thicker aluminum and specific designs that can be discussed with you and the general contractor.

Yes, Absolutely! Since 2005, we have been approved all over the state including going way beyond what is required in Miami-Dade. Our FPA (Florida Product Approval) number for High Velocity Hurricane Zone is 32125. Per section 202 of the Florida Building Code, the HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) is defined as “This area consists of Broward and Miami-Date Counties.” We have documentation that you can provide your insurance company for your discount if needed beyond the approval number 32125.
Without taking measurements of your building’s windows, openings, etc and going over your unique needs, we have no way of providing a price. We do provide free estimates to everyone. We also have installers and general contractors who will pull any necessary permits for you. Our screens are made in Florida and carry a lifetime warranty. They are a permanent addition to any property and are well worth the investment. Start today!
We have a few companies that we recommend that have no loan origination fees and reasonable rates. We are also working with a local bank to get taylored Home Equity Loan Programs available so your screens will really easy to afford even on the tightest budgets.

We partner with contractors to build custom lanai and pool cages to meet the high-strentgh structural demands of having screens that do not fold up, tear or bend.

An enclosed pool made with thicker aluminum framing designed to handle our screens in a hurricane and not fold up or bend would cost more than a standard/typical one that is designed to have the screens tare off in a storm. Ours are made of stainless steel in a patented structural aluminum frame with 120,000 pounds of tensile strength. You would be buying the cage, our screen panels, the engineering plans, permit and installation.

We have working relationships with installers, window guys and general contractors in South Florida. We are always open to having qualified professionals join our network. If you have the knowledge, experience and means to generate interest, we’d be happy to get to know you. Please provide your phone, email and territory and we’ll be in touch.

We have multiple locations in Florida on the East and West Coasts, including our manufacturing facility. We come to you, take measurements and give you an estimate or quote on your needs. We manufacture your screens to exact dimensions and specs. We come back and install them for you or ship them if you have your own installer.

Air flow is breezy at low speeds. High speed wind slows like it hit a wall. We have done tests. It blocks up to 82% of hurricane wind speeds so your windows don’t’ get the high wind pressure. Our screens protect even very old windows because of that fact. The lbs per square inch of pressure will nominalize across the entire surface of resistance so it is much stress for old windows to deal with.

If a building has an updated roof to meet roofing codes created in the 1990’s, the roof will stay in place. Metal straps/brackets hold the roof down and anchor it to the tops of the walls because of the suction created by high winds. Having all windows and doors protected keeps wind from coming inside and creating positive pressure from underneath. If you don’t have either updated roofs or protected windows, your building is at risk. 2 methods of protection need to be in place to ensure your building won’t be destroyed. Update the roof to meet code and get our screens or even shutters if you prefer that. Don’t get impact glass because it breaks and needs to be replaced. Don’t get roll down “anything” because it is “pretty looking garbage”. Don’t get polypropylene fabric because it fails and degrades in the Florida Sun and Heat. Make sure your protection is always METAL.